Middle school can be a tough place to be a student.

New Community Academy is a new kind of hybrid homeschool program for middle school students in the city of Pomona, California where you can learn in a small and supportive Christian environment. You won’t ever get lost in the crowd, and you won’t get left behind or feel like you can’t keep up. At New Community Academy, every student is a vital member of our community and classmates become friends for life. We are here to help you succeed.

What Makes Us Different?

Small community with time to build relationships.

With small class sizes and a community that cares about you, everyone will know your name!

Educators who love Christ and teaching students.

Our teachers are more than just committed to your success in the classroom, they are Christ-followers dedicated to discipling students.

Created just for homeschooled middle school students.

Homeschooled students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade can experience live instruction, educational support, and electives 2 days a week.

How is New Community Academy Impacting Students and Families?

Since 2012, New Community Academy has been impacting students and families by offering an alternative way of learning. A traditional school setting is not always the best choice for every student, and some students need a different place to thrive, a smaller community to call home, and more individualized learning. New Community Academy addresses the needs of this student and helps him find success.


We invite you to become part of the New Community Academy family.

What Does a New Community Student Look Like?


New Community Academy has helped me to see my value in the world… there are people who care for me and devote their time to teaching me out of love.


New Community is my home and the people here are like family.


New Community has helped me to realize how much potential and knowledge I have. It’s shaped me into who I am.

Take the Next Step

We’d love to meet you and your parents and make New Community Academy the place where you belong. Come take a tour or join us at one of our upcoming information meetings to learn more!