Are you struggling to keep up in your current school setting or simply getting lost in the crowd?

At New Community Academy, you’re never just a number. Students learn in a small community environment with an emphasis on college and career preparation. If you’re ready to be part of a new kind of community, find out how to enroll today.

Do you know a student who isn’t thriving in their current educational environment?

Perhaps all they need is more individualized instruction with a smaller student-to-teacher ratio. We offer a program tailored to just this type of student. Our program is intentionally small and intentionally Christian. Discover New Community Academy. Your student’s love of learning can begin today.

What People Say About New Community

  • New Community Academy graduates are exactly the kind of employees that are desperately needed in the modern workforce: competent and trained, with a strong moral compass.

    Kenneth C. Schwarz, JD Lawyer; New Community Academy donor
  • The directors and instructors at New Community Academy are passionate leaders, resulting in a highly successful academic environment. They have thoroughly researched, designed, and produced a quality program and have successfully developed a scalable, sustainable Christian model.

    Talithia Williams, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College
  • I have been impressed with the commitment to provide whatever a student needs to be successful. This team of educators is not shy with taking on students who need a more personalized educational plan, to meet the high standards of their school. They do not lower standards based on a student’s ability, but meet the student’s needs so they can achieve to the best of their ability.

    Tina Harte New Community parent; Speech and Language Pathologist
  • My son came into the school with low self-esteem regarding his reading, math, and other course studies; however, by the time he finished, he was willing to try a community college and to work toward a degree. [New Community], with their high educational and Christian standards, helped him accomplish this . . .the staff is so loving and supportive for not only the student, but their family also. With the low student/teacher ratio, the staff is able to show each student that they are valued as a person, and a Child of God. I have recommended this school to other families in the community.

    J. Castro New Community Academy parent
  • This school was a God-send for my family. With low student/teacher ratios and individual student plans, we were able to plan on a high school graduation and going into higher education. Their partners have a career training school, which helps the students plan for a career, when higher education is not in their goals.

    J. Castro New Community Academy parent

Support New Community

If you have a heart for supporting education, consider sponsoring a student scholarship or finding out how a monthly contribution can enhance our learning environment.