Spring ILPs: Student Choice!

by Amy Frazier | Jun 16, 2020

Our students wowed us as usual this year with their Individual Learning Projects (ILP). Our spring projects were a little more informal, due to the pandemic and learning through online Zoom classes. The ILP presentations were even held over Zoom with around 40 people in attendance!

The topic this year was “student’s choice,” so each student was able to pick something that interested him or her and then educate the audience on their chosen topics. It didn’t have to be related to history, but the students were required to use a minimum of five sources and practice their skills of research, writing, and oral presentation. Students worked on these projects for the whole semester, and it really showed. Despite having to present online rather than in person, the students took it all in stride, and everyone did a great job.

The following is a list of topics that were presented: lawnmower parents, Tom Brady, drugs and their effects on the body, Corolla cars, boxing, and mob mentality.

As the teachers noted, teaching on zoom is much harder, but they’ve done what they can to make it work and be creative. New Community is working hard to organize for the fall semester and will be even better next year if we need to stay online. As Mr. Mark said, “It’s tiring, but we are thriving.”

This unique approach to this event allowed for a more personal feel, with teachers, family members, and supporters chiming in with their encouraging comments at the end. It was such an interesting and creative experience from the usual event, and we’re so proud of our students for stepping up.

As a reminder, New Community Academy is a non-profit school that lives off donations. The ILP presentations were made possible by the donation of Chrome books from our generous supporters.

Check out some of the photos of the students presenting their topics below.