Fall Individual Learning Projects – Conspiracy Theories

by Amy Frazier | Dec 19, 2019

Our favorite time of year has come again! Last week, we celebrated and showcased the students’ hard work all semester at an evening of Individual Learning Project (ILP) presentations. The main topic this session was “Conspiracy Theories,” and it did not disappoint. The students shared with the audience of family members, teachers, friends, and school supporters about some of the most controversial conspiracy theories over the last century or so.

Some of this year’s fascinating topics:

Did Marilyn Monroe really die when they said she did?
Who are the Illuminati?
Who was really behind the attacks on 9-11?
What happened to Amelia Earhart?
What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?
What’s the real story behind Area 51?
Does Bigfoot exist?

Everyone attending learned so much, even though they probably left with more questions than when they got there. We are so encouraged by the effort the students put forth to create these projects. From choosing a topic, to researching and writing a detailed report, to creating a PowerPoint presentation, to braving the stage for the public speaking portion, these students put their best feet forward. We can’t wait to see what they’re going to come up with next semester. We hope to see you there in June cheering them on!

Photos of the evening: