A Typical Day at NCA

by New Community Academy | Jul 17, 2019

Have you ever wondered what a typical day in the life of a New Community student looks like? We’d be happy to give you a peek!

We love our students and our teachers, and we think there’s a lot of great things going on at our school. We also really love our daily schedule. Our classes meet Monday through Thursday, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, giving students and staff a 3-day weekend every week. While we are only together 4 days a week, we fill those days to the brim with great learning opportunities for students with all types of learning styles. With classes of only about 8 students per teacher, students get individualized teaching in a small classroom environment. And with such small classes, we all become one big supportive family!

At NCA, students learn about civics and finance with Mr. Mark. For the past several years, this has included the Dave Ramsey personal finance program for high school students, which helps them learn how to budget and use their money wisely without incurring debt. This program builds financial confidence, and we think it gives students a great head start for their futures.

This past year, we also offered a class to learn the basics of American Sign Language with Ms. Mallory, and the students had a blast. In the past, students have taken public speaking, french, auto mechanic, ceramics, and photography classes through our vocational training program.

Our programs are interdisciplinary, so there’s plenty of crossover in all our subjects, from what students are studying in history to the experiments they are conducting in science and stories they’re reading in Language Arts.

Also under the umbrella of Language Arts, the students have time each day to work on Individual Learning Projects, which they present at the end of each semester. These projects include three main components: written, visual, and public speaking.  A research paper (written component) is presented, along with a slide presentation narrated by each student (visual and speaking components). The topics vary each semester, with some of our recent past topics covering countries, diseases, historical events, and famous people from history. Students are free to pick a subject of interest to them within the broader topic.

We love our full days at New Community Academy, and we’re always learning something new. If you know a student who would thrive in this type of learning environment, contact us today. We’d love for you to become part of the NCA family!