Spring Individual Learning Projects – Countries

by New Community Academy | Jun 19, 2019

To finish off this school year, our students had the opportunity to show off with the presentation of their Individual Learning Projects (ILPs). Our students began working on their ILPs at the very beginning of the semester and continued to work on them all through the spring. ILPs culminate each semester in a multi-media oral presentation where students develop and hone their skills in reading, writing, comprehension, and public speaking. Students write a research paper on their findings and create a dynamic slideshow presentation, which includes facts, maps, photos, and video clips.

This semester, each student chose a country that interested him or her as the assigned topic. A few of the countries the students chose to research were Cambodia, France, Germany, and Australia (fun fact of the evening: Australia is both a country AND a continent). Not only are the students well-informed about their specific assigned country, but they are now also knowledgeable about all the different countries presented by their peers. It’s a learning experience for all who attend!

We are so proud of our students’ dedication. They all did a fantastic job and really showed off their new knowledge about some interesting countries. If you have not attended ILP presentations at New Community Academy, we invite you to join us in December 2019 for our next event!

Photos of ILP Presentations