2019 Graduation!

by New Community Academy | Jun 11, 2019

Last week, New Community Academy graduated our 17th student—Kenneth—and we could not be prouder! It is the highlight of our school year to celebrate student accomplishments, and Kenneth worked so hard to get to the finish line at NCA. If you haven’t already, be sure to read his inspiring testimony of how God has done a great work in him and has given him hope for his future!

Our commencement ceremonies are always so special. We have all the pomp and circumstance, caps and gowns, tassels and diplomas! The evening began with a welcoming prayer from Executive Director Kimberly Gunderson and a few tears. Jay Walden, celebration arts and mens pastor at Purpose Church Pomona and founder of the School of Fine Arts (SOFA), then accompanied Kenneth and his brother Angel for a couple songs on the guitar, showcasing their new skills on their instruments after a school year of hard work and practice.

Kenneth gave a speech and guests were treated to a special slide show of the graduate. Next, Randy Gardner, pastor of adult care and seniors at Purpose Church Pomona, gave an inspiring commencement address challenging Kenneth to be a man of faith and action. Kenneth was then prayed over while surrounded and supported by his family on stage.

It was such a special night of celebrating, and we are so honored to share the event with you, our supporters, through these images. (You can click into any image to make it larger and click the arrow keys to move forward.)