Meet The Team: Mallory Carbajal

by New Community Academy | Mar 20, 2019

MalloryIn the next installment of our “Meet the Team” series, we are pleased to introduce you to the newest addition to our New Community leadership team, Mallory Carbajal. Mallory is an outstanding teacher who is both a mentor and an inspiration to our students. In her own words, “A successful student is a happy student!” Mallory loves our students well, and we are so grateful that she has dedicated herself to helping them achieve success this year in history, civics, language arts, and life skills. Read on to find out all about Mallory’s heart for our mission, her love of travel, and her dedication to her family.

Tell us why you wanted to become a teacher or work with students:  

I have always wanted to find a career that would help improve people’s lives. I started in marketing for nonprofits, raising money for organizations such as World Vision, American Red Cross, and The Salvation Army, but I wanted to help more directly. When I considered different options and what my strengths might be, I discovered I truly enjoyed learning and sharing what I have learned with others. Naturally, teaching was one of my top career choices. I get to interact with the next generation, not only by teaching them academic concepts, but also by showing them compassion, love, and concern. Everyone needs to know someone out there loves them and cares about their future, and as a teacher, I can be one of the most influential people in a student’s life. I can help make the world better by teaching and loving our future.

What did you study / Where did you get your degree:   

I attended Cal Poly Pomona where I completed my bachelor’s degree in Communications. It wasn’t until a few years later that I decided to change careers and return to school. I received my Master’s in Education and teaching credential from Grand Canyon University so that I could teach middle school or high school, with an emphasis in Social Studies.

What drew you to New Community Academy:  

I completed my student teaching at a local high school and I could see how students could get lost in the crowd. With over 165 students coming through my door each day, I knew that many were not getting the attention they needed to succeed. New Community Academy’s small class size gives students the attention they need and deserve. Teachers are able to make accommodations and create a flexible curriculum that can meet each student’s needs, therefore, everyone is guaranteed success. A successful student is a happy student! I wanted to be part of that!

 What are you most excited about this year:

One of the reasons I wanted to teach high school was I wanted to have real discussions and meaningful conversations with the students. I look forward to discussing and debating current events, learning more about the students through creative writing projects, and watching the students thrive in a non-threatening academic setting where they are encouraged to be themselves.

What is your favorite part of your school day:  

In our Civics class, we watch a ten minute news segment on global and national current events. I love discussing the different perspectives with the students and finding out where their passions lie. Some students get really excited when the news covers outer space, while others enjoy segments on animals or animal rescue. I get to encourage healthy debate and discussion and help students find interest in something outside of themselves.

Tell us something interesting we might not know about you:  

Starting early in my childhood, my parents would load up the Dodge Family Wagon with three kids and two grandparents, and the seven of us would drive across the country, ticking off as many states as we could. Finally, in 2012, we checked off the final state, Alaska, and could proudly say we have visited all 50 states.

What do you like to do for fun outside the classroom:  

When I am not in the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my 4 year old daughter and my husband. Together, we enjoy traveling, near or far. Last summer, we drove cross-country to attend a wedding in Alabama and stopped at as many presidential libraries and museums as our 4-year-old could handle! I love learning about the places we visit and hope I can grow this passion within my daughter as well.