Wish Lists For Our Upcoming School Year!

by New Community Academy | Jun 13, 2018


Did you know we have a wish list for our upcoming school year? We are a small, private Christian high school, and we can’t do it without you, our wonderful, supportive donors. We hope you will keep us in mind as you shop for school supplies this summer, and consider our school as you choose your charitable giving. We so appreciate the generosity of those who support our school and support helping students discover a new way to learn!

2018 – 2019 School Year Wish Lists


200 #2 pencils
20School supplies 1-inch binders
20 3-inch binders
200 black ink pens
25 large pink erasers
25 packs highlighters
20 white board erasers
60 wood metric rulers
40 white board markers
10 white board cleaners
20 packs colored pencils
10 packs 4 x 6 index cards
10 packs 5 x 8 index cards

Student Scholarships

4 student scholarships needed
Tuition for one student $1,800

Teacher Sponsorships

4 teacher sponsorships needed
$250 / $500 / $1000

Monthly Donors

$50 / $100 / $200 / $300

Marketing Video

$500 / $750 / $1000

Educational Field Trips

$250 / $500

Sports Equipment

Ping pong table
20 Footballs & volleyballs
4 badminton sets

Please label school supplies as New Community Academy and deliver to purpose church front desk. You can make monetary donations online today at newcommunityacademy.org by clicking the green Donate Now button in the top right corner!