Meet The Team: Michele Murphy, Assistant to Executive Director

by New Community Academy | Mar 22, 2018

Anyone who has spent any amount of time at New Community Academy will definitely know Michele Murphy. She is the woman behind the happy smile in the front office and always has a helpful answer to any and all questions, whether from students, parents, or staff. What would New Community do without Ms. Michele? She helps keep the daily operation of the school running smoothly, provides a listening ear to students, and—best of all—always has candy to share! We took a moment to interview Ms. Michele to find out more about our favorite executive assistant.

Michele headshot

Michele Murphy, Assistant to the Executive Director

What drew you to New Community Academy, and why did you decide to work with students?
The answer is simple. . .God. I was volunteering at Purpose Church when the job as office administrator/assistant to the executive director for New Community came up. Because of the relationships I had made already at the church and because I had already interviewed for another position just prior, a staff member asked me if I would like to interview for the job of Kimberly’s assistant. I hadn’t even applied. But God made it very clear from the beginning that this is where I should be. And I am so thankful for his guiding and clarity. I don’t have kids myself, so being around students has been a new adventure for me!

What are you most excited about this year at NCA?

For me, watching the students grow in Christ and becoming better versions of themselves is the most exciting thing. And watching them graduate! It’s amazing the transformation our students go through while they’re at NCA. We have five graduates this year and five last year. That’s 10 students whose lives have been forever changed by our school. It’s been so great to see how far they’ve come and to see where they end up after they graduate.

What is your favorite part of the school day?

My absolute favorite time of day is before school starts. I know that sounds weird, but it is because I come early at 7:30am every morning. I used to come early to get a jump start on my day or to work on my Bible study. But I noticed because I was coming early, students started showing up, too! Me being there and opening up the school early allows students to come hang out before school starts. I love being available to the students—I get to listen to them share their hearts and their stories. I love to be there for them in that way.

Tell us something interesting we might not know about you:

I really love fitness. A lot of people might not know that I am certified personal trainer and a Pilates instructor. I also once caught a 600 pound fish on a cruise in Hawaii, which is a crazy story. Also, I love cats!

What do you like to do for fun outside the classroom?

I love to bake—cupcakes are my favorite to make! I also really love teaching pilates. I teach classes during the summer break.