Sign up for iGive!

by New Community Academy | Nov 7, 2017

Are you ahead of the game and already thinking about your Christmas gift shopping? Of course you are! Now is the perfect time to install the iGive button on your computer and give back a portion of your purchases (at no cost to you!) to New Community Academy.

What is iGive, you ask? It is the easiest way possible to give money to New Community Academy doing something you are already going to be doing a lot of during the next couple of months (hint: online shopping)! is an online shopping mall where a portion of each purchase you make is donated to NCA when you set our organization as your chosen cause*. Turn your everyday online shopping into donations for a worthy purpose: supporting New Community Academy. And the best part is that there is absolutely NO COST to you—the shopper—or to us—the cause you are supporting!

We get so giddy in the office when we receive a check from iGive because it means you guys are helping us out while you’re doing your errands! It is so easy (and free) to sign up. And once you’re set up with an account, you can easily add the iGive button to your internet browser so you never have to remember which stores support iGive. Download it today!

The button will automatically tell participating stores that you want your purchases to support New Community every time you shop! It couldn’t be easier.

Actually, yes it could! There’s also an app for your smart phone for when you’re shopping on the go. Support New Community from your desktop or laptop computer through the iGive button or shop from your phone or tablet using the app.

Join the 350,000+ people already using iGive at 1,700 online retailers. Again, there’s no added cost or hidden fees for you, and you never need to enter any codes or notify the store or iGive that you want to donate. It’s all automatic!

What are you waiting for? Start making your online shopping double as an easy donation to NCA. Get started today!

(*Please note: our name shows up as New Community Vocational Academy in iGive’s searches.)