Individual Learning Projects

by New Community Academy | Jun 16, 2017

Last week, students had a chance to shine during the presentation of their Individual Learning Projects (ILPs). We are so proud of their hard work and diligence! They all did a fantastic job and really showed off their new knowledge about a variety of careers.

Every semester, each student researches, designs, prepares, and presents his or her own Individual Learning Project. This New Community Academy distinctive incorporates academic, personal, professional, and life skills, as well as developing the student’s technology-based abilities. This semester, the students researched and presented on a variety of careers as the assigned topic. From salary to workplace to level of education required, students researched and reported on all aspects of the careers they chose to study. Not only is each student well-informed about their specific assigned career, but they are all now also knowledgeable about the different careers presented by their peers.

Family, friends, and fans of the students and school were invited to the event and listened to each student present a powerpoint that incorporated interesting photos highlighting their chosen career. After the presentations, students were available at the back table with their research notes to answer any questions the guests had.

ILPs are an important part of education at New Community Academy. Students develop and hone their skills in reading, writing, comprehension, and public speaking, along with learning to serve the body of Christ through effective communication. Our students began working on their ILPs in January, and they have been working on them the whole semester. They chose careers to research based on their giftedness, values, and goals. They are required to write a research paper on their findings and create a slideshow presentation.

Photos of ILP Presentations