Crime Scene Investigators

by New Community Academy | Feb 25, 2017

CSI in the Classroom

There’s never a dull moment in Mr. Mark’s science classes. He loves learning and enjoys the challenge of keeping the information fresh and interesting for our students. Recently, he made over the classroom into a crime scene for a multi-day unit on forensics. The students spent time going through various “real world” aspects of how we use science every day to solve crimes.

Students spent time researching different aspects of a crime, such as how an investigator can calculate time of death using body temp. They were sure to take thorough notes so they could remember their field work when writing up their findings later! You might be thinking our students are true CSIs, just like on the television show, but one of the other important lessons they learned through this assignment is how forensics works in the real world versus on what we see on TV.

The assignment emphasized many classroom skills (math and science) and real-world skills (observation skills, drawing conclusions, and making predictions). The students used a math formula to find the time of death calculated by body temp. The assignment also focused on various emphases of science, such as metamorphosis (for the “maggots” found on the body to help calculate time), to circulatory system (lividity) and muscles (the role of ATP in rigor mortis). Talk about a thorough exploration into all things crime scene related! Our students were definitely challenged and eager to participate in their science class “investigation”.