Director’s Note: Any Dream Is Possible

by Kimberly Gunderson | Feb 1, 2017

Last Saturday I had the thrill of performing three C-sections on my granddaughter’s Dalmatian dog. In all three cases, I successfully removed the spotted pups through the Velcro pouch in the belly of her stuffed animal.  Buoyed by my achievement, I went on to re-attach the wing of a broken B-52 Bomber with a toy spatula, which she had grandly made available for the procedure. Mid-surgery she pronounced, “Grammie, pretend the plane woke up during the operation,” so I knocked it out with a toy pot. She insisted that I must listen for the heartbeat of a farm truck with her stethoscope, and reconnect the severed limbs of a seemingly healthy horse from her toy barn. Rarely have I had a day of such rich accomplishments.

Days later, as I reflect upon our afternoon game of make-believe, I smile at the childlike confidence of our six-year-old granddaughter. She knows without a doubt that any dream is possible—if you act on it. You can expect success before you see it.  You will hear the heartbeat when you really listen. The possibilities are endless with a mid-game adjustment.

I like her perspective.  It reminds me of the way we do things here at New Community Academy. We believe in our students’ success, because we know any dream is possible. Even if they have experienced years of challenges in other school settings, we make mid-course adjustments that lead to hope. Here we believe that we are transforming the academic experience of students, making educational success more accessible and achievable.

With smaller class sizes, personalized academics, and individualized learning strategies, the reality is that our students  “Learn to Love Learning” again. While we won’t hit anyone over the head with a pot, or reconnect severed limbs, we do restore hope to shattered hearts, and help students achieve success to the best of their abilities. Whether college or career bound, every student discovers that we do reattach broken wings. And watch for them to fly.

It’s not make-believe. It’s happening.

This is how love wins,

Kimberly (aka Grammie)