Director’s Note: Integrity is Our Focus

by Kimberly Gunderson | Oct 4, 2016

They’re piling up now, especially as November 8th looms closer. I don’t know about you, but from the school board member, to the mayor, to the job at the White House, the races have my head spinning. The latest flyer in my mailbox declares that this particular candidate will bring transparency to city hall, along with honesty and accountability. I hope so. What catches my eye is one of several core values the mayoral candidate promises: integrity. That’s a pretty lofty pledge nowadays. However, it’s actually been the measuring stick of godliness for 3,000 years. In Psalm 101:4, King David promised the Lord God that, “I will lead a life of integrity.” As the basis for our New Community Academy “Code of Conduct,” it’s become the standard for self-discipline now, as well as life after graduation.

Ask any student at New Community Academy what integrity is and I hope they will assure you that, “integrity is who you are when no one is looking.” It’s who you are when you let the waitress know she has undercharged you. It’s who you are when it’s late, and there aren’t any cars at the stop sign, and it would be easy to cruise right through, but you stop anyway. Integrity is who you are when someone else leaves their dirty dishes in the sink, but you take the time to wash them without being asked.

Integrity is The Thing this year at NCA. I often tell our students that we are training up an “army of graduates” who will leave here seeking to honor God without compromise in the small, seemingly insignificant things, as well as the larger challenges they will face for the rest of their lives. Integrity characterizes the man or woman who is more than electable in government. It’s the core value of people we can trust to lead lives, careers, families, and their world, with honesty, transparency, and a lifestyle beyond reproach.

It starts here. It’s the godly standard that the Lord has set, and it’s the core of our conduct at New Community Academy.

I promise.

Kimberly Gunderson
Executive Director