We Love Our Teachers!

by New Community Academy | Jun 30, 2016

We have been abundantly blessed at New Community with outstanding teachers. Our instructors are compassionate and understanding with our students, along with knowledgeable and wise in their subjects of expertise. It is always a pleasure watching them interact with students — not only do they love teaching (and we personally think they’re great at it!), our teachers genuinely love our students.

From literature lessons on the Old English epic poem Beowulf to developing new and challenging math concepts, our teachers meet students where they are at and focus on mastery of skills based on each student’s personal starting level. By the end of the year, students work on growing in mastery of a particular subject or skill set. When this happens, our instructors celebrate student victories. We all celebrate victories together at New Community Academy! That’s why we love our small class environment. One-on-one instruction helps us all easily see marked student improvement and growth.

Do you have a student who would be interested in our small class style of teaching? Contact us today and “Discover A New Way To Learn”!